Here at Eco Designs & Printing our banner printing range from small designs to large printing banner designs. It all depends on what banner printing requirements the customer may have.

We can supply the following banners solutions:

? Pop-Up Banners
? Roll-Up Banners
? PVC Banners
? Multi-Banners
? Hanging Banners
? Flags
? Gazebos
? Sharkfin
? Exhibition Banners
? Roll-Up Banners
? A-Frame Banners
? Wall Banners


Roll-Up Banners

The Roll-up banner is an easy to handle, portable, freestanding banner display system. With eye catching full color graphics printed on re-enforced PVC the Roll-up banner can be erected in seconds at any inside venue.

Roll-up banners are ideal for exhibitions, conferences and displays. Roll-up banners give the user an immediate presence helping to display their products or services.

The roll-up banner is also referred to as Roller banner or Pull up banner.

The roll-up banner is available in different sizes:

? 850mm x 2000mm
? 1000mm x 2000mm
? 1200mm x 2000mm
? 1500mm x 2000mm
A-Frame Banners
A-Frame banners provide many alternatives to traditional advertising ideas that include lightweight, easy to use an highly visible designs. All A-frame banners come as a complete set that includes a carry bag.

The unmatched branding opportuinities available with the A-frame banner include brilliant, vivid digital printed graphics or advertising messages.

A-frame banners can be displayed vertically or horizontally. If the a-frame banner is displayed horizontally we use one or two banners, otherwise if displayed vertically, with 3 banners.

The A-frame banner is available in different sizes:

? 1000mm x 2000mm
? 1000mm x 3000mm
? 1000mm x 4000mm

Banner Wall

The Banner Walls are a collapsible framework that holds a banner that is printed on a plolyester flag material The banner is adhered to the structure with Velcro strips.

The banner wall will not rust because the framework and castings are made from aluminium.

The combination of technologies ensure for a highly versatile and light weight portable banner wall.

Banner Walls are available in different sizes:

? 1150mm x 2250mm
? 2250mm x 2250mm
? 3000mm x 2250mm
? 4500mm x 2250mm
Exhibition Banner Wall
The Exhibition Banner Wall is a portable (curved or straight) display system. The exhibition banner folds down compactly into a specially designed hard storage case that weight 27kg.

The artwork of the banner are printed on different panels and attach to the banner wall with magnetic strips.

The exhibition banner is available in different sizes:

? 2250mm x 3000mm
? 2250mm x 3760mm
PVC Banners
At Eco Designs & Printing we produce PVC banners for indoor use and hardwearing PVC banners for outdoor use.

With pockets for poles or eyelets for stringing up, banners can be fixed to lampposts, railings or even come with frames to be used at events such as golf days.

PVC banner material comes in roll form and is printed direct to surface using large format digital printing. Banner is a versatile substrate which can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Printed banner material can be folded over and welded to give a reinforced edge. Eyelets can be included so that rope can be threaded through for fixing. Another method of banner finishing is to include ?pockets? into which poles can be inserted.

A major advantage of PVC banner material is ease of transport and storage. Digital printing allows for full colour images to be printed onto the PVC banner material.


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